Our commitments

Jardin de Cluny, an ecological hotel in the heart of Paris

The Jardin de Cluny team has been committed to an environmental approach since 2008.

We have set up a continuous improvement program to constantly improve our environmental performance.

We are committed to constantly seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

How do our commitments translate?

  • Monthly monitoring of our energy and water consumption, and the implementation of effective means to limit it
  • Rationalised purchasing, oriented towards eco-labelled, local, fair trade or organic products
  • Energy efficient and long life cycle appliances are preferred
  • The selective sorting of our recyclable waste, the limitation and safe disposal of hazardous waste, and extreme attention to food waste
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Our commitment and the actions necessary to achieve it are communicated to our customers, staff, suppliers and distributors. In this way, we want to encourage as many stakeholders as possible to move in the same direction, so that together we can contribute to reducing the global environmental impact of tourism.

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